Top Five Movies – Action Heroes

This weekend, May 17, 2019, John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum comes to theaters everywhere and Jonathan (@berkreveiws), Corey (@coreyrstarr), and Michael (@servermonkey) couldn’t be more pumped. In fact, Corey and Jon did John Wick chapter 1 & 2 Movie Club episodes a while back, and are very excited for what should be an action-packed conclusion. Though, for this episode of Top Five Movies, the trio decided to look through cinema’s greatest Action Heroes and choose their favorites. They like to speak freely about the films so be warned that spoilers can happen. Check their lists below to see if you’re comfortable with spoilers!

Corey’s list:

5. Ash Williams – Evil Dead Trilogy
4. Rocky Balboa – Rocky films
3. Furiosa – Mad Max FURY Road (2015)
2. Selene – Underworld (2003)
1. John Wick – John Wick films

Mike’s list:

5. Mark Gor – A Better Tomorrow (1986)
4. Jed – Red Dawn (1984)
3. Keung – Rumble in the Bronx (1995)
2. Leon – Leon the Professional (1994)
1. Ripley- Aliens

Jon’s list:

5. El Mariachi – Desperado (1995)
4. Mad Max – Mad Max Fury Road (2015)
3. Ripley – Alien Franchise
2. Ethan Hunt MI:3-6
1. Neo – The Matrix (1999)

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