Film Rating System

What do the ratings mean?

After the first two months of my posts, I decided to change how I rated films. Instead of using a star system or a number system I decided to use phrases that would describe how I felt about a film and whether I thought someone should see it or not.

The phrases are:

  • Must See Film–  This film is enthusiastically recommended and is a film that I was totally engrossed in. It’s one that I will likely want to re-watch multiple times. It may become one of my favorites, has a story that is important or memorable, a showcase of talent,  or it is revolutionary in some way. Definitely not a film you want to miss. Buy it, rent it, but see it!!!
  • Not quite golden, Ponyboy (formerly “Solid Movie”) – I recommend that most people see this film. I will likely revisit this film and will likely add it to my collection. Everything about this film is good. It’s one you should see, but it’s not necessarily vital if your short on time or money or you’re behind on the must see films. Some possible great moments, but overall not revolutionary or as significant as other films.
  • A Decent Watch – If the positives appeal to you then I recommend it, but it may not be for everyone. It’s a film I may re-watch if its on, but probably won’t actively look to see it again. Not amazing. Not horrible. Fairly neutral with some good or great elements possible. If you have access to watch it then you should, but probably not one you want to pay full retail price of over $5-$10.
  • Not a total Waste of Time – I don’t recommend this film for most people and for the most part, I kind of wish I hadn’t sat through this movie. Yet, I managed to find some good element that makes me feel like it wasn’t a total waste of my time. This is a watch it for free on Netflix or borrow it from a friend kind of movie.
  • Avoid Like the Plague – DO NOT SEE THIS FILM!This movie hurt me inside. I may have even lost IQ points or got physically ill while watching it. This is one if you bought it there may be grounds for a lawsuit or possibly criminal charges. Don’t buy, don’t watch, unless you are trying to make your friends suffer and this is your idea of a cruel practical joke. This kind of movie makes you wonder how it was even allowed to be made!
  • Inconclusive – I really can’t decide how I feel about the film. I like a lot about the film, but it left me feeling more uncertain than most experiences. I can’t place it in one of the other ratings with the initial viewing as this is a movie that warrants multiple views. This rating was created for Synecdoche, New York.

The first two months:

If you’re looking through the archives here is the system I was using to rate the films:

  • 10 – Amazing film, a great overall experience that I highly recommend others watch!
  • 9 –  A really great movie!
  • 8 – A great movie.
  • 7 -A really good movie.
  • 6- A good movie.
  • 5 – A watchable film, that is lacking in some areas but has some redeemable qualities.
  • 4 – Not the worst thing I’ve ever sat through, some redeemable qualities in some aspect.
  • 3 – Pretty rough.
  • 2 – Bad…just not completely unwatchable
  • 1- Don’t watch! Not worth your time!