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Tribeca 2021: Berkreviews The Justice of Bunny King (2021)

Gaysorn Thavat has made her directorial debut with The Justice of Bunny King (2021) – and what an impact! From the casting and subsequent performances of Essie Davis and Thomasin McKenzie to the screenplay by Sophie Henderson, there are a variety of factors that really put this movie over the top. The Justice of Bunny

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Tribeca 2021: Berkreviews Italian Studies (2021)

Italian Studies (2021) is the newest film by director Adam Leon. It has a powerhouse lead with Vanessa Kirby, who is terrific in this surreal, trippy New York film. If you are looking for a plot first film, however, you’ll be disappointed. Much like the character who finds herself wandering the city unsure of who

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