About us

Berk Reviews

A group of movies lovers who decided to try our hand at writing reviews. All of us have some background with films and with writing. Our goal is to provide reliable reviews of New Releases and the classics and everything in-between.

We try and keep the reviews spoiler free, but in the event when a spoiler feels needed we will label them in red.

This year, Jonathan Berk is watching 366 movies and writing a review for every single on of them. For more details on his 7-in-7 Challenge read about them here.

Top Five Lists

In the spirit of connecting to our readers, our writers will occasionally post top five lists of various categories such as films that made them cry or films about music lovers.  Anything is fair game and these lists usually contain spoilers. We definitely love hearing feedback on this lists so comment away.

Future Plans

If things keep going well we hope Berkreviews.com can become your destination for reviews in written form and, eventually, Podcast form. If you’re interested in contributing to Berkreviews.com as a writer email us or if you want to help support us financially donate to our Patreon.