Home Again (2017)

Home Again (2017) reviewed by Jonathan Berk

Home Again (2017) is a perfectly fine romantic comedy. It doesn’t really do anything to move the genre in a new direction, nor does it create an epic love story that will be discussed for generations to come. Hallie Meyers-Shyer crafts an endearing story with likable enough characters to make the film enjoyable. There are the over-the-top, Hallmark-style camera shots and melodramatic moments one would expect from a film like this, of course.

Home Again has sentimental moments that work with a cast you want to root for Home Again (2017)Alice (Reese Witherspoon) has separated from her husband and moved back to L.A. with her two young daughters into her deceased father’s house. She goes out to celebrate her birthday with her friends and meets three young filmmakers who join in the celebration. The guys are in need of a place to stay, and she just happens to have a guest house that’s vacant.

The three guys are played by Pico Alexander, Jon Rudnitsky, and Nat Wolff. Each one is kind of charming in their own way, and they all connect with Alice for some reason or another. Though she connects the most with Harry (Alexander), despite their age difference. Michael Sheen plays her estranged husband, Austen, and he is not happy about having three men living with his wife and kids. It never gets too serious, and even the drama that comes out of this is treated comedically enough. Home Again (2017)What really worked for me was the family aspect of the love story. It isn’t really about the relationship between Alice and the guys, but the relationships of every character. There is a lot of charm to be found, and the relationship between George (Rudnitsky) and Alice’s oldest daughter, Isabel (Lola Flanery), is sweet; he takes on a kind of mentor role with her as one writer to another. It’s extremely endearing, and it definitely worked on screen.

Final thoughts…

Home Again isn’t a film you need to rush out and see, but if you’re looking for a sweet rom-com it definitely works. Though it’s not specifically a traditional romance, there is enough to make one’s heart melt. Home Again earns the Decent Watch rating.


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