7-in-7 Challenge


What is the 7-in-7 Challenge?

In 2016, Jonathan is going to follow the 7 rules laid out here  while watching 7 movies a week…EVERY week…in 2016! Subscribe to the blog and read his reviews as we works his way through 366 movies!

Quick overview of the 7 rules:

  1. I must watch 7 movies in 7 days
  2. I cannot use the same movie twice, even if I actually watch it twice.
  3. I must write at least two paragraphs for each film I watch as a review.
  4. I will watch a variety of film genres.
  5. I will watch movies that I’ve seen previously, want to see, or suggested by you.
  6. I will watch movies on a variety of formats.
  7. I must post 7 reviews in a week and as close to the viewing of the film as my life will allow.

366 movies in 366 days

Doug Benson watched 365 movies last year and it inspired me to try something similar with my own take on it. I would watch 366 movies, one for each day in 2016, but I would write a review for each one. Making the challenge more specific to me is that I would watch 7 movies a week every week and not just a collective 366.

At the time, I didn’t realize at the time I started the blog that Doug was going to extend the challenge to his listeners. There are many people attempting the challenge this year, but I added my own rules to it.

Follow the progress on Twitter with #berk7in7 and #DLMChallenge.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]