The Bloody Awesome Movie Podcast focuses on a single film per episode, usually a new release (hopefully theatrically at some point) giving a spoiler-free review. Then Matt Hudson (@wiwt_uk) from What I Watched Tonight and Jonathan Berk (@berkreviews) from will introduce a variety of movies or pop-culture-related topics in a series of segments. 

Review of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania 

  • Directed by Peyton Reed
  • Written by Jeff Loveness and Jack Kirby
  • Cast:
    • Paul Rudd
    • Evangeline Lilly
    • Michael Douglas
    • Michelle Pfeiffer
    • Jonathan Majors
    • Kathryn Newton
    • Bill Murray
  • Synopsis: Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne, along with Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, explore the Quantum Realm, where they interact with strange creatures and embark on an adventure that goes beyond the limits of what they thought was possible.
  • 49% RT critic (84% audience), 48  Metascore, 6.6 IMDb user score, and 2.8/5 on Letterboxd, 
  • RELEASE location / DATE: Theaters

Chuffed Headlines

Movie/Pop culture news that caught our attention

Matt’s Headline: 

Jon’s Headline: 

Media Consumption

Movies, TV, Video Games, Music, Podcasts (not ours), etc that we use to pass the time

Matt’s consumption

  • Nightmare on Film Street – Pulse (2001)
  • Plane, Infinity Pool, The Whale (rewatch)
  • Last of Us E6, The Bad Batch E9-E14

Jon’s consumption

  • Blank Check: The Beach
  • On The Count of Three, Rent, Primal Fear, Creed III, Sanson and Me
  • Last of Us episode 6 | Andor Ep 6&7
  • God of War Ragnarok 

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