Berkreviews Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

Director Halina Reijn’s film Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) is a successful dark comedy that offers insightful takedowns of fake friends whose cheery facades quickly come down when faced with a real struggle. Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) brings her new girlfriend, Bee (Maria Bakalova), to meet her friends at a hurricane party in a remote mansion owned by David’s (Pete Davidson) parents. When a party game turns deadly, the friendships of the group are tested, and they quickly point the finger at one another. 

It’s pretty clear that Emma (Chase Sui Wonders) Alice (Rachel Sennott) and Jordan (Myha’la Herrold) aren’t thrilled that Sophie has shown up unannounced. They’re quick to hide their displeasure, and soon everyone is offering pleasantries. The group and Alice’s new boyfriend, Greg (Lee Pace), drink and celebrate as the hurricane comes crashing in. They then decide to play Bodies Bodies Bodies, where one of the crew is a “murderer” and the rest have to try and deduce who it is. It’s all fun and games until someone turns up dead, and the motives and suspects grow as the storm rages on. 

All of the performances in this film are great, but the story set-up initially felt as if it couldn’t possibly end well. The whodunnit story type is best when the audience could potentially solve the mystery if they are paying attention to the clues. It didn’t seem like the film was laying out anything in a way that an audience could successfully do anything with. It wasn’t really clear what the movie was going for until its very end – but the way it concludes cemented it as a solid comedy with a dark sensibility. If you find yourself doubting the story, just wait until it ends before making your decision about it. 

The interactions with Greg and David were often the funniest. Davidson really brings his comedic style quickly to the film. When setting up the game, each character slaps another. Bee is tasked with slapping David – but being new to the group, she barely taps him. She is encouraged to really let him have it, but she again just taps him a little harder. To demonstrate to her how she should let him have it, David just punches Greg in the face. The theater erupted with laughter at my screening. There are many moments that got outbursts like that, making for an overall fun experience. 

Bodies Bodies Bodies is definitely worth your time. The commentary on the world we are living in – especially with regard to fake friends – is funny and on point. The performances make these characters quick to like one moment, but then question their authenticity the next. It’s not exactly what I’d been expecting the film to be, but it won me over. Bodies Bodies Bodies earns the Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy rating. 

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