Berkreviews Ms. Marvel episodes 1 & 2

Ms. Marvel is a new series on Disney+ as of June 8, 2022. Yet another MCU franchise…the amount of comic book fatigue seems to be growing in the world as more and more content keeps coming, and you may be wondering – is this one you should skip, or is it essential viewing? While the first two episodes don’t seem vital as of yet to the whole of the MCU – though it is known that the lead character will be in the MCU film “The Marvels”, set to release in 2023 – there are signs that say this is one that you won’t want to have missed. 

Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) is a huge fan of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and does everything she can to make it to the first-ever Avengercon. Her Captain Marvel cosplay is all but ready, but in order to attend, she must defeat her greatest foe: her parents. Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) and Yusuf (Mohan Kapur) are just looking at Kamala, but she doesn’t feel that they truly get her. 

Vellani is so unbelievably charming that even if you know nothing about Kamala, you will be instantly hooked. The performance she brings to this show has the power and feeling that she 100% believes in this and will carry it on her shoulders if she has to. So far, she doesn’t, like the rest of the cast seems as committed to the material and dedicated to making a compelling product that gives quality representation and content. 

I’ve not read any of Kamala’s comics prior to writing, but I’d seen enough about the character that I was surprised when she finally starts to use her powers. I did a quick search and found that Feige had confirmed that Kamala’s powers are different than they are in the comics, promising that there will be an MCU explanation as to this change. I find this interesting, and – considering Kamala is relatively new by comparison to the many other characters – Marvel choosing to be a little flexible with her powers makes sense. They are likely banking on many of the audience only knowing Kamala through this show and the later film, like where you make a change to Spider-Man and everyone will notice it. I’ve enjoyed her powers on the show so far, as well as her development of them. 

I have taken pleasure in most of the MCU series thus far, but if Ms. Marvel continues in this fashion, it could become one of my favorites. I certainly enjoy the character very much, and the small stakes that this show seems to be leaning towards are kind of refreshing. Every comic book movie or show doesn’t have to be centered around end-of-the-world stakes, as many of the movies seem to embrace. Often, it’s the sacrifice of the character and their dreams and goals that we truly relate to…like, if these super-beings still can’t get their act together, of course, I’m also struggling. Ms. Marvel episode 1 and 2 has earned the Must See rating.

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