BAMPocalypse Now

BAMPocalypse Now – Brazil (1985)

Jonathan and Matt are, like the rest of you, in isolation at the moment. Safely ensconced in their own homes across the Atlantic, they decided it was time to do a miniseries of films that feel a little too relatable right now. Not to make light of the scary situation we all currently find ourselves in the midst of, but rather to make this time of contemplation a little more enjoyable. The guys as that you seek out the films or, in some cases, you avoid them and then listen to our mini-sodes.

Episode 11: Brazil (1985)

  • RT: 98% 
  • Metascore: 88
  • Budget: $15,000,000
  • Worldwide Boxoffice: $9,947,816
  • Directed by Terry Gilliam
  • Written by  Terry Gilliam, Tom Stoppard, and Charles McKeown
  • Starring   Jonathan Pryce, Kim Greist, Robert De Niro, Bob Hoskins, Ian Holm, 
  • How to watch: UK- Rest on Amazon Prime | US-Starz, Hoopla, and digital platforms to rent/buy

Neither Jonathan nor Matt had seen Brazil prior this, but it was a film they both had been meaning to check off. A dystopian future where bureaucracy runs rampant feels like it could become a reality.

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