Bloodshot (2020) is a bit of a slog and not the best last theater experience to have had

Bloodshot (2020) stars Vin Diesel and is yet another lack-luster comic book adaptation that managed to arouse more sleep than intrigue from the audience. There are some very cheesy moments in the film, as well as several sections that just drag on for too long. Fortunately, there is at least one really solid action sequence…but it isn’t enough to make this movie recommendable. For now, as the COVID-19 virus has shut down most theaters across the country, it probably isn’t a choice whether or not to subject one’s self to this mediocre film – but once you get a chance, you’re probably better off seeing something else. 

Ray Garrison (Diesel) finds himself waking up in a lab – only he hasn’t been asleep…he was killed by a terrorist. He doesn’t initially remember, but slowly the face of the man who killed him – and more importantly, his wife – becomes clearer in his mind. Ray, now called Bloodshot, has been improved by technological superpowers that are now his blood, and his new “team” has been enhanced in a variety of ways. However, the team’s motivations become unclear, and Ray finds himself questioning everything he remembers. 

If you’re a fan of Diesel’s performances in general, then you probably won’t be disappointed here. However, if you’re a bit pickier about which of his roles really click and where his performance is a little more controlled and chill, then you may not find yourself engaged here. The first Fast and the Furious (2001) and both Pitch Black (2000) and The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) are roles where Diesel seemed to slide into seamlessly. His performance in Bloodshot isn’t bad, but so many of the lines feel much cheesier in their delivery. Also, Vinnie is looking a little bit older when compared to his co-stars Eiza González and Talulah Riley. Not a criticism to him, but it doesn’t make it believable.

On that note, González is really solid in this film. She plays KT, one of the enhanced members of the team.  She is easily the best performance overall in the film. Still, her character never feels fully developed, and she gets very little backstory. Still, KT is likable and definitely wins the audience over – largely in part to González’s performance. 

Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) fights the mercenaries in the tunnel attack during a high-speed car chase in an underground tunnel in Columbia Pictures’ BLOODSHOT.

The best scene in the film is this awesome tunnel action piece. Ray gets to show off his new superpowers – and even though director Dave Wilson really overdoes the slow-motion, it is still a blast to watch. The lighting is cool, partially because of the tunnel setting – a wrecked flour truck leaves a haze of the white powder everywhere, and Ray’s red glow makes for some cool visuals as Diesel both dishes and takes a ton of punishment. 

In the end, Bloodshot wasn’t the hyped-up action film that the trailer tried to sell. In fact, the trailer does the story a disservice by revealing several plot points that the movie treats as reveals. It is always unfortunate when a movie clearly expects to drop a truth bomb on the audience that was used as a reason to get butts in the seats. Bloodshot earns the Not a Total Waste of Time rating…especially if you don’t mind taking a quick power nap once or twice. 

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