Top Five Movies – Hollywood Outsiders

Stuber (2019) hits theaters this weekend and stars Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista. Bautista got his start as a professional wrestler in the WWE and has since made a career for himself acting in some major movies. This got Jonathan (@berkreviews), Corey (@coreyrstarr), and Michael (@servermonkey) thinking about other actors who were famous somewhere else first. Thus, this week’s Top Five Movies focuses on what they’re calling Hollywood Outsiders.

Mike’s list:

5. Sasha Grey – Would You Rather (2012)
4. Ice-T – Tank Girl (1995)
3. Mandy Moore – Saved! (2004)
2. Flea (a.k.a. Michael Balzary) – Suburbia (1983)
1. Donald Glover – Mystery Team (2009)

Jonathan’s list:

5. Common – John Wick Chapter 2 (2017)
4. Yasiin Bay (formerly known as Most Def) – Be Kind Rewind (2008)
3. Mark Wahlberg – The Big Hit (1998)
2. Madonna – A League of their Own (1992)
1. Andre the Giant – The Princess Bride (1987)

Corey’s list:

5. Meat Loaf – The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
4. Tom Waits – The Dead Don’t Die (2019)
3. David Bowie – Labyrinth (1986)
2.Dolly Parton – The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982)
1. Steve Martin – Parenthood (1989)

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