Moviecast – February Take 6 Challenge

Last year, Sean Boelman (@bigtunaonfilm) and Jonathan Berk (@berkreviews) challenged each other to watch 5 movies during the month of February. This year, we decided to do it as a podcast and added a little more structure to the challenge plus another movie. Thus this year will be…


There will be four episodes of the Take 6 Challenge. On the first episode, Jonathan and Sean discuss the challenge and their first four picks for the other person to watch. They will be broken up into pairs of good and bad. The labeling of good and bad is up to the challenger (using critic scores, their own personal experience with a film, general audience consensus, etc)

Episode 2 – Movies for week 1

Sean has challenged Jonathan to watch:

  • GOOD: All These Small Moments (2018)
  • BAD: Suspiria (2018)

Jonathan has challenged Sean to watch:

  • GOOD: The Apartment (1960)
  • BAD: Teen Wolf Too (1987)

The episode will have the two getting together to discuss their opinions of the movies they were challenged to watch.

Episode 3 – Movies Week 2

Sean has challenged Jonathan to watch:

  • GOOD: We the Animals (2018)
  • BAD: Norm of the North – Keys to the Kingdom

Jonathan has challenged Sean to watch:

  • GOOD: Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001)
  • BAD: Dog Eat Dog (2016)

Sean is paying Jonathan back for last years challenge with his second bad pick. On this episode, the guys will also reveal their plans for the final episode and reveal their two wild card picks. It is up to them if they want to be kind or cruel for the last episode.

Week 3 – Wild Card Picks

For the last episode of the February 2019 Take 6 Challenge features Sean and Jonathan reviewing the last two movies they assigned each other for the series. There were no rules for these films meaning they could have been mean and made them watch two bad movies or even the same bad movie twice. Though, this time they showed mercy and assigned two films they both thought the other should see.

Sean challenged Jonathan to watch:

  • Disobedience (2017)
  • My Cousin Vinnie (1992)

Jonathan challenged Sean to watch:

  • Pushing Dead (2016)
  • In a World… (2013)

After they review the final two films, they rank the 6 movies they watched for the series from worst to best.

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