Movie Club – Pennies from Heaven (1981)

As September fades so do our month of musicals. Corey (@coreyrstarr) has not enjoyed this month, but staying the course she selected Pennies From Heaven (1981). Jonathan (@berkreviews) hasn’t had a problem with most of the movies this month and was excited to see this film directed by Herbert Ross and starring Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters, Jessica Harper, and Christopher Walken. This movie isn’t like the other musicals from the month and the two knew very little about it going in. It shocked both, but was it enough to make Corey enjoy a musical? 

Next week: Boo 2! A Madea Halloween.

October is Halloween themed movies tied with horror. Though, for the next episode, Jonathan and Corey didn’t get to pick their movie. Big Tuna did because he won the Oscar Draft and selected Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (2017). The movie is directed by Tyler Perry and stars Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, and Patrice Lovely. It’s likely Michael will join them as he has to watch the film too. 


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Berk Reviews Movie Club – General Info

Corey and Jonathan both realized they had a ton of movies they’d never seen. In an effort to work through their gap list, they started this podcast to ensure they at least check one new film off the list almost every week. Thus, for a film to qualify for Movie Club one or both have to have never seen it or at least not seen it for a long time.

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