Top Five Movies about Revenge

With the release of Peppermint, Jonathan (@berkreviews), Corey (@coreyrstarr), and Michael (@servermonkey) decided to look for their top five movies about revenge. Turns out, there are a lot of movies that qualify, but which ones made the final cuts. Peppermint is directed by Pierre Morel and stars Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher Jr., and John Ortiz with a review coming to in the near future. Until then, listen to this episode and check out the lists so nothing gets spoiled for you!

Jonathan’s List:

5. Desperado (1995)
4. Hard Candy (2005)
3. True Grit (2010)
2. Oldboy (2003)
1. John Wick (2014)

Michael’s List:

5. Eye for an Eye (1996)
4. Red (2008)
3. Death Sentence (2007)
2. Death Wish II (1982)
1. Last House on the Left (1972)

Corey’s list:

5. The Crow (1995)
4. Hard Candy (2005)
3. John Wick (2014)
2. The Handmaiden (2016)
1. Inglorious Basterds (2009)


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Top Five Movies formats

There are two types of Top Five Movie episodes. The traditional format of the show features Jonathan and two guests, usually Corey and Mike, who create their lists for the chosen topic in secret and reveal them on the episode. The other format is an interview style where a guest discusses films in general and ends the episode going over their personal, all-time Top Five.

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