Movie Club episode 077 – Tangerine (2015) Movie Club episode 077 – Tangerine (2015)

With the month of June coming to a close, so does the LBGTQ+ theme. Jonathan (@berkreviews) chose Tangerine (2015) directed by Sean Baker and starring Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Mya Taylor, and Karren Karagulian. Neither he nor Corey (@coreyrstarr) had seen it, but they both loved his 2017 film The Florida Project. Tangerine follows Sin-Dee (Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Taylor) on Christmas Eve as they search for Chester (James Ransone), Sin-Dee’s pimp and boyfriend, who may have betrayed her trust. The film starts off a little rocky and hard to watch, but by the end won both, Jonathan and Corey, over.

episode 078 – The Graduate (1967)

July brings the theme of Coming of Age movies and Corey has never seen director Mike Nichols’ film The Graduate (1967). The film stars Dustin Hoffman as Ben Braddock as he tries to figure out “what’s next,” after college. He finds himself torn between two relationships one with Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft) and her daughter, Elaine Robinson (Katharine Ross). Jonathan watched it a couple of years ago but is looking forward to the rewatch.


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Berk Reviews Movie Club – General Info

Corey and Jonathan both realized they had a ton of movies they’d never seen. In an effort to work through their gap list, they started this podcast to ensure they at least check one new film off the list almost every week. Thus, for a film to qualify for Movie Club one or both have to have never seen it or at least not seen it for a long time.

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