A Bluebird in my Heart (2018) reviewed by Jonathan Berk

A Bluebird in my Heart (2018) was a SXSW film that features a man straight out of prison trying to start over. Danny (Roland Møller) moves into a hotel and is under house arrest as part of his parole. He finds a connection with the hotel manager and her young daughter as he works to stay busy. He’s trying to keep his hands clean, but trouble always seems to find him.

A Bluebird in my Heart is a compelling story, but not revolutionary.

The film has very strong cinematography by Dimitri Karakatsanis who captures some great perspectives of the world that Danny finds himself in. Whether the hotel, the kitchen he is working in, or the violence that inevitably comes, it’s presented in a very cinematic way that is engaging.

The story director Jérémie Guez unfolds is compelling and well-acted, but pretty predictable. Clara (Lola Le Lann) has daddy issues and is desperately looking for male attention. The local drug dealer finds her sexy, even though she keeps him at a distance. It’s a friendship that can only end in a bad way, and it really goes south quickly. This is the moment Danny has to choose to stay on the straight and narrow or become a vigilante of sorts.

Møller gives a strong, quiet performance. He plays a likable enough character that the audience will definitely root for, even when he is making some questionable choices. There is never much told about Danny’s backstory or why he was in prison. However, it becomes clear he has no issues with violence.

Final thoughts…

Overall, A Bluebird in my Heart is an entertaining film, but it doesn’t do anything new. It hits the beats and offers a compelling story, but it’s fairly forgettable. It’s not one you’ll likely regret watching, but it’s also one you could skip. A Bluebird in my Heart earns the Decent Watch rating.


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