Are We Good Parents (2018) reviewed by Jonathan Berk

Any adult with a child has pondered this question while reflecting on a choice they made. Are We Good Parents is a short film directed by Bola Ogun which features two parents in the middle of this kind of crisis. Bill (Sean Maguire) and Lauren (Tracie Thoms) were just told by Maya (Gabrielle Skye Goodman), their 14-year-old daughter, about an upcoming dance, and that her date Ryan is picking her up. They try to be positive, but they are clearly concerned about this development.

Are We Good Parents is a short film playing at SXSW 2018

The catch is, they aren’t upset that their high school daughter has a date to the dance…they’re upsetb because they’d always assumed Maya was gay. This revelation makes them question their actions as parents in a way that mirrors a very progressive mindset clashing against traditional concerns. The cast nails this, and the comedic chemistry between Maguire and Thoms is great. Goodman plays her role very well, despite having much less screen time.

It would be hard to make a more relatable film about being a parent in 2018. I can attest to this, having a soon-to-be 14-year-old. My main focus is to make sure my daughter is comfortable with who she is, and that my wife and I are supportive of whatever life choices she makes, so long as they aren’t detrimental. Our biggest fear is that we will do something to make her feel like she isn’t good enough, and we constantly question the choices or actions we have taken. Thus, this film resonates, and does so with serious concerns – but with an air of silliness that makes it an enjoyable 9-minutes.

Final thoughts…

If you get the opportunity to check out this short film, it is highly recommended. It premiered at SXSW 2018, so keep your eyes out for the chance to watch it. It’s relevant, entertaining, and encourages self-reflection, earning the Must See rating.


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