Music Review: St. Vincent – Masseduction

    This Friday the 13th saw the release of two of my most highly anticipated albums of the year. For this particular write-up, I am here to fawn over the newly released Masseduction (pronounced “Mass Seduction”) by St. Vincent. Her last album, which happened/happens to be my favorite of hers, was released in 2014. This follow-up surely does not disappoint.

Masseduction is a must buy for St. Vincent fans

    I have loved all of the promotion leading up to this album. She has done an interview where she does a track by track overview of the album (with Pitchfork) and short videos in which she answers one “interview” question that she has obviously heard too many times. Her responses are equally hilarious and thoughtful. Those were released through her Instagram and I highly recommend them.

    I have enjoyed all of the singles she released: New York, Low Ageless, and Pills. I have only given this album one full spin but on first listen my favorite tracks are Happy Birthday, Johnny, Dancing With a Ghost (a forty-something second segway into the next track), Slow Disco, and Smoking Section. I loved the unexpected transitions the album makes. The one that stuck out the most was hearing Savior right after Happy Birthday, Johnny.

You can put this album on and just let it play through

    I love albums I can turn on and listen from beginning to end, on loop, without feeling the need to skip any tracks. Annie Clark is a master at creating those albums, the ones without any shitty filler.  I appreciate her personal, sometimes heartbreaking lyrics and distorted, crunchy guitar. She is experimental and her songs are unlike any I have ever heard before.

    I would suggest picking this up on vinyl if that is your thing. This one is on pink wax and has a provocative, hard to miss cover. Sadly the deluxe vinyl version does not come out until November but doesn’t seem to be necessary as the vinyl itself seems to be the same color and weight. She did have an exclusive yellow vinyl edition through her website that looks to be sold out.

Final thoughts…

    I think this will end up being one of my most listened to albums this year and that it is definitely worth checking out. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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