Berk Reviews Movie Club episode 040 – Raw (2016)

Berk Reviews Movie Club episode 040 – Raw (2016)

Episode 040 of Movie Club takes a look at the 2016 film Raw. It is directed by Julia Ducournau starring Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, and Rabah Nait Oufella. Jonathan had heard a lot about it and really wanted to check it out. It was just added to Netflix on 10/4 so it’s ready for you to check out.

Home video release 10/10

Theatrical release 10/13

Happy Death Day

The Foreigner

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women


Next weeks episode The Fly (1958)

For next weeks horror episode we will be watching the 1958 version of the Fly directed by Kurt Neumann starring David Hedison, Patricia Owens, Vincent Price, Herbert Marshall, and Kathleen Freeman. The 86’s version with Jeff Goldblum is a favorite of Jonathan’s, so Corey and he decided to check out the original. Email us your thoughts:

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