looks like IT passed the test…

 A few days ago I finally made it to a screening of It. Yeah, yeah, I know. I was nervous. I was a big fan of the original television special back in high school. I love Tim Curry and had a hard time imagining anyone else filling the role of Pennywise. All of these fears were quickly laid to rest.

IT has two positive reviews from Berk Reviews

Berk Reviews IT (2017) - by Corey Starr I loved every single actor in this movie. Maybe not the character they were playing but they were all so believable. Let’s be real. A lot of people went to see this because of Finn Wolfhard. I don’t blame you, he’s a great actor but there are a couple others that need a little bit of the spotlight. Sophia Lillis (playing Beverly Marsh) was channeling Amy Adams so much I would swear she is her daughter. I also really enjoyed that Beverly was such a strong female character. She stood up for herself and others. She never let fear keep her from doing what is right. Bill Skarsgard KILLED IT playing Pennywise. Creepy! My favorite part about all of the kids in this movie is they were playing kids.

 Berk Reviews IT (2017) - by Corey StarrThe pop culture and music nerd in me FREAKIN’ LOVED this movie. The attention to detail and how well they embodied the late 80’s made my little heart so happy. One of the boy’s (I believe Bill’s) bedroom walls were plastered with posters of movies from the time. And the soundtrack! I died when Six Different Ways by The Cure played through the better part of a scene. Ben’s secret love of New Kids On the Block had me laughing (and singing along in the theater- no shame to my game!)

I can’t speak to the cheesiness of the original production or how well it holds since I haven’t watched it in so long. The new version is a lot scarier. I think it did a much better job of fleshing out the characters fears.

Final thoughts…

Along with the rest of the human race I give this film the rating: Must See! I know I have said this before but this film warrants a visit to the big screen. That is if there is anyone left that hasn’t already seen it. You’ll understand why this film has surpassed so many box office numbers, including highest grossing horror film of all time. 

Check out Berk’s review here

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