Review of Prom Night (1980) by Corey Starr for Berk Reviews

I recently decided to give the 1980 slasher film Prom Night a watch. I remember when the remake was released in theaters but can’t remember if I saw it. Oops. This is directed by Paul Lynch. It stars former scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis and Leslie Nielsen.

Revisiting Prom Night from 1980

Prom Night (1980) - Berk ReviewsThis movie opens with four children playing a game that is really similar to hide and seek but is called Killer. A small girl, Robin, comes into the abandoned building they are playing in and is ganged up on by the other four children. She ends up falling out of a window and dying. Some six years later, a crazed killer appears to exact revenge… on PROM NIGHT!

I watched this through Amazon Prime. Berk and I viewed Nosferatu through the service last year and decided it was probably not the best version of the film. I am thinking I had the same issue with Prom Night. The aspect ratio was off. The picture was pretty blurry. I don’t want to hold those things against it though, I would just suggest if you can find another way to view this film to do so.

Prom Night (1980) - Berk ReviewsThere are a few things that I will hold against the film though. One being the stiff, unnatural acting and unbelievable line delivery. This goes for every single person in the film. Second, I get it that it’s prom night and there will be music and dancing but the awkward, unnecessary ten minute (okay, it only felt that long) disco dance scene with Kim (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her date Nick was ridiculous. Also, it is soooo obvious the music is trying to sound just like Abba. Third, I like slasher films. If they have a good story line and a nice little twist ending that maybe you didn’t see coming. This one feels really forced.

Final thoughts….

After wanting to watch this one for so long it just left me with an overwhelming feeling of disappointment. I give Prom Night the rating Avoid Like the Plague. Sorry, guys.

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