Berk Reviews WildcardPod Episodes 1-3

WildcardPOD is out now!

The newest addition to the Berk Reviews family of Podcasts is hosted by Spencer Parlier. He decided to record three episodes of WildcardPod before releasing them to the world. This post houses the first three episodes! Each features an interview where the conversations often go where ever they go.

Episode One

The first episode features Carlton Gillespie, a man of many words! We talk about all sorts of stuff, but mainly focus on the world of sports. American soccer, international sports, and the speculation behind Kyrie Irving are a few of the things we touch on.

Episode Two – My former English and TV Production teacher, and now good friend Jonathan Berkenfield and I tackle film, politics, and the American public education system in this episode. Big shout out to him and all that he contributed!

Episode Three – For the third episode of WildcardPod, I invited one of the most wildcard-esque people I know to join me. Catherine Ann Bucklerand I talk about anything and everything during our spans behind the mic – this episode is as wildcard as you can get.

Hope you find yourself enjoying one or all three of these first few episodes of the series!

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