Top Five Movies episode 061 – Movie Parents

Top Five Movies episode 061 – Movie Parents

With the release of Glass Castle coming this week, Jonathan, Michael, and Benjamin decided to discuss their favorite movie parents. Each list was approached slightly differently so they are quite varied with no overlap at all. We would love to hear from our listeners who you think is a great character from a film that displays excellent movie parent.


Jonathan’s list:

5. Jauna (Diana Torres) – East Side Sushi (2014)
4. Mum (Felicity Jones) – A Monster Calls (2016)
3. Curtis Gentry (Craig Robinson) – Morris from America (2016)
2. Aidan Bloom (Zach Braff) – Wish I was here (2014)
1. Mac MacGuff (J.K. Simmons) and Bren MacGuff (Allison Janney) – Juno (2007)

Michael’s list:

5. Paola Mendoza as Mariana in Entre Nos (2009)
4. Sally Field as Betty Mahmoody in Not Without My Daughter (1991)
3. Jodie Foster as Dede Tate in Little Man Tate (1991)
2. Helen Hunt as Carol Connelly in As Good As It Gets (1997)
1. Mary McDonnell & Holmes Osborne as Rose and Eddie Darko in Donnie Darko (2001)

Benjamin’s list:

5. Liam Neeson, Taken (2008)
4. Alfred, The Dark Knight (2008)
3. Darth Vader, Star Wars (1977 and on)
2. Will Smith, Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
1. Robin Williams, Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

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