Movie Review: Get Out (2017) now on home video

I am pretty sure that everyone thinks I set out to be a contrarian but I assure you there is no big scheme I try to live by. I try to avoid most opinions on films because I do not want them influencing me in the least. Sometimes that can be pretty hard since I love movies and so many of my favorite dudes do, too.

Corey didn’t love Get Out, but Jonathan did

Get Out (2017) - Berk ReviewsLast night I finally got around to seeing Get Out, Jordan Peele’s directorial debut. This is one of those films that it is hard to avoid all of the buzz about it.  I sat down to watch expecting a smart film that might push the boundaries of what a horror movie can be. IMDB has it categorized as horror and mystery. I want to go ahead and get this out of the way: there is not much of either in this movie. This is another case where the trailer gave away far too much of this movie.

I really enjoyed Daniel Kaluuya in this film as Chris Washington and I would definitely be interested in seeing him in more. He gave a very believable performance and even though most of the film was not very gripping his presence was. Lil Rel Howery plays his best friend Rod. Rod is very different but complimentary to Chris and brings a lot of humor to the screen. Caleb Landry Jones plays Jeremy Armitage and gives a pretty convincing portrayal also.  I was not too impressed with the other actors in this movie, I think they could have been pretty replaceable. (Sorry not sorry)

Get Out (2017) - Berk ReviewsI can not help but draw similarities to another movie that I absolutely love: 2005’s Skeleton Key. Yep, I said it and I think your time would be much better spent there. While it doesn’t present all of the social commentary that Get Out does, it has great atmosphere and what I think is a pretty unpredictable storyline. Sometimes I have a hard time discerning how much of the plot the director wants you to know (or does not mind that you know) ahead of time but so much of this movie was spelled out for me. There was not much that was unexpected and what was left for “twists” was not big enough to make a difference to me. It was shrug worthy at best.

Final thoughts…

There are scenes of this movie that are beautiful (and terrifying) but I will not go into too much detail because I am not a movie spoiling jerk. I fully expect to to get some hate mail over this review- bring it. I do not understand why this movie was so overhyped or what people saw in it. Sorry, not sorry. I give this movie the rating: Not a Total Waste of Time. It isn’t as bad as Don’t Breathe. Hahah

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