Movie Club Episode 004: Blue Valentine (2010)

Episode 004 of the Berk Reviews Movie Club is about the movie Blue Valentine. Jonathan and Corey give their take on the film directed by Derek Cianfrance and starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. Rent digitally or buy a physical copy of Blue Valentine from Amazon to help support the podcast.


Berk Reviews Movie Club – Episode 004: Blue Valentine (2010)

Also discussed on this episode were the trailers for the February 3rd release:

The Comedian

Don’t Knock Twice


The Space Between Us

Next week, Jonathan and Corey will have a special guest to discuss The Handmaiden (Digitally rent or buy). Their mutual friend Brendan will be on to discuss one of his favorite films of 2016. Email or tweet your opinions on The Handmaiden, the podcast, or movies that we’ve discussed to have your thoughts read on the podcast by Jonathan and Corey.

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