Movie Review: Underworld Blood Wars (2017)

  This past Sunday I did something I do not usually do. I ventured out to see the fifth and hopefully final installment in the Underworld franchise: Blood Wars. On opening weekend. Anyone that knows me at all knows I hate crowded theaters. Besides being far too many people for my liking it increases the chances of me having to put up with people holding conversations throughout the movie. While my theater was not full I did have a lovely family that thought it was cute to offer commentary for an hour and thirty-two minutes. Be quiet, homosapiens. Be quiet. You are wrecking my experience.

Underworld Blood Wars

  Blood Wars is an action/horror/fantasy that runs ninety-one very long minutes. It is directed by Anna Foerster. I give it the rating: Not a Total Waste of Time.

   I was a fan of the first three films but the fourth left plenty to be desired. So much in fact that I can hardly remember it and I have never felt compelled to see it again.Thankfully the writers filled me in so I was not completely lost. I do believe while this movie was written it created more gaps so there was maybe a little too much explaining throughout.

  Kate Beckinsale reprises her role as vampire death dealer, Selene. She has been outcast from the vampires because of her previous relations with a werewolf which resulted in a hybrid daughter. Cheesy, I know. It does not stop there. I understand that there need to be visible markers in a film to let viewers know that something has transpired but I could not help but laugh when Selene emerged from an event and her jet black hair was now ombre bright white.

   I will say that if you sat through Awakening, you will be fine through Blood Wars. It is more entertaining at least. Also, when you have invested so much time into a movie series it is hard to skip out what is rumored to be the last one.

  Viewers, proceed with caution. There are worse movies to spend your time on but this one is by no means a winner. They left the ending with room to grow but let us hope that this is the actual final installment and the series is laid to rest.

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