Movie Review: A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

 I do not know about you guys but I had no idea how campy William Shatner could be until I joined our local Vinyl Preservation Society a few years ago. Sadly the monthly meetings are no more. One of the members is a huge Beatles fan. One of the albums he brought to share with us had Shatner singing some of their songs. Odd. And extremely terrible. As I have said before I love anthologies. LOVE. THEM. When I was scrolling through Netflix titles today I came across A Christmas Horror Story (2015). When I saw Shatner is in it I was sold and the streaming began! I give this movie the rating: Decent Watch.

A Christmas Horror Story - Berk ReviewsA Christmas Horror Story is a Decent Watch on Netflix

   While the movie is entertaining I do not think that it is one I will be seeing again. This will appeal to a pretty particular audience, I believe. It does not hold the weight of other horror anthologies to me. It makes me sad that one of the first things that will catch my attention in horror movies is their production value. I think a low budget might prematurely cut off my attention to be honest. A Christmas Horror Story did not cut any corners in that regard. The sets are awesome and the acting is quality.

A Christmas Horror Story - Berk Reviews  I love the mash up of Christmas and horror. Family, tradition, AND GORE?!? I am in! This goes way back to the first time I saw the old Tales From the Crypt anthology from 1972. A Christmas Horror Story melds four stories together. Shatner plays Dangerous Dan, a DJ for a local radio station that is broadcasting on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve happens to be the anniversary of the death of two local students. This story introduces us to a police officer that was helping with the case and is now on psych leave. Our third story is a family that is more interested in money and show than spending time together. They are hunted by Krampus. Our final story takes place at the North Pole with Kris Kringle and reanimated elves. Bonus points for the plot twist and the battle between Santa and Krampus!

 If you are a horror fan I would recommend this film.  A Christmas Horror Story has a fun plot and quality production. I doubt it will be on anyone’s Top Films of 2016, however. I won’t be including it in mine but I am not disappointed that I watched it in the least.

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