Movie Review: Holidays (2016)

  I’m not going to lie. When I saw the still for Holidays (2016) it caught my eye. After reading the synopsis I was in! I am a huge fan of anthologies- films and books. I am having a hard time rating this one because my tastes are not on par with what is popular opinion. So to be more on scale with the public at large I will give it A Decent Watch.

Holidays - Berk ReviewsHolidays is currently on Netflix

  Holidays is comprised of eight short films, each focusing on a different holiday. Each segment has it’s own director. I thought this brought a fun element to the film. Each director has their own style but it was very cohesive. Among them is Gary Shore (Dracula Untold), Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact), and Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Tusk). I was pretty excited to see that Seth Green acted in the Christmas short. Harley Quinn Smith also makes an appearance in her father’s short, Halloween.

  Some of the imagery in this film is really disturbing. This is especially true of Easter. The Lamb of Christ is enough to give you nightmares. The body of Christ has the head of a lamb.

  The stories are interesting also. They incorporate some of the traditional lore attached to the holiday. We especially see this in the Saint Patrick’s Day short.

Holidays - Berk Reviews  My favorite short is Father’s Day. It is intriguing from start to finish.I am definitely a fan of a nice, creepy atmosphere. Jocelin Donahue plays Carol. On Father’s Day she finds an old tape recorder intended for her. Upon playing it she hears the voice of her father whom she hasn’t seen or heard from since she was small. We learn her mother told her he was dead. The recording gives her instructions on how to find him.

  This isn’t a film for everyone. If you are a fan of anthologies and/or the horror genre, I would definitely suggest seeking this film out. Expect some gore and disturbing visual elements. It was available on Netflix a few days ago.

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