Top Five Movies… Episode 022 – about Aliens

Episode 022 is out of this world! Jonathan Berk (@berkreviews), Corey Starr (@coreyrstarr), and Michael Sanchez (@servermonkey) discuss their top five movies with Aliens in them. In honor of the new film Arrival, the trio decided to focus on otherworldly creatures. Remember, while we give a spoiler warning on the podcast, there is often a chance that we will reveal major plot points while discussing the films on our lists. Take a look below to decide if its something you’d like to see before listening.

Top Five Movies About Aliens

Jonathan’s list:

5. The Fourth Kind (2009)
4. Men in Black (1997)
3. Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy (2005)
2. E. T. The Extra Terrestrial (1982)
1. Close Encounters of the third kind (1977)

Mike’s list:

5. Repo Man (1984)
4. The Brother From Another Planet (1984)
3. Fantastic Planet (1973)
2. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension (1984)
1. Dune (1984)

Corey’s list:

5. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
4. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
3. Prometheus (2012)
2. The Thing (1982)
1. The Dark Crystal (1982)

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