Movie Review: Housebound (2014)

  A couple days ago Jon told me to watch Housebound (2014) as soon as possible. It is available instantly on Netflix so I jumped right on it. The New Zealand film is written and directed by Gerard Johnstone and falls under horror, comedy, and mystery. I give this film the rating: Must See!

Housebound was given a Must See rating by Jonathan and Corey!

  Kylie is a drug addict that has just been arrested for blowing up an ATM and stealing it’s cash. She is sentenced to eight months of house arrest and must return to her childhood home to live with her mother and stepfather. How fitting that she finds out that a local church previously owned her home and used it as a halfway house for delinquents. Her mother believes their house is haunted. Kylie is initially skeptical but ends up finding herself in some pretty creepy situations.

  This movie is the perfect balance of horror and comedy. When Jon told me about the movie he said he would be scared one minute and laughing the next. I found myself doing the same! Also, I confess there were quite a few sighs of relief on my end.

  I enjoyed the jump scares the director employs. He builds to them flawlessly and the film moves at an excellent pace. Talk about atmosphere- the house and use of lighting alone made my skin crawl.

  I don’t always notice the technical aspects in filmmaking but the director’s use of camera angle is great! There is a particular scene in which Kylie is in the basement and hears something creaking the floorboards above her head. The camera swoops up at an angle creating a lot of unease.

  Between the fun storyline (with an interesting twist!), seemingly effortless jump scares, and the balance of horror and comedy, Housebound needs to make it’s way to the top of your movie list! It is a perfect watch for Halloween and a true gem to the horror genre!

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