Movie Review: The Girl on the Train (2016)

  A friend and I decided to hit up the theater and thought two in a row was a good idea. I wasn’t disappointed! The Girl on the Train (2016) was one of them. This movie is a mystery/thriller based on the 2015 debut novel by Paula Hawkins. The film is directed by Tate Taylor and written by Erin Cressida Wilson. I give it the rating: A Decent Watch.

The Girl on the Train - Berk ReviewsPossible Spoilers for Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train

   Emily Blunt plays Rachel Watson, an alcoholic divorceé that becomes obsessed with a married couple she sees from her daily commuter train. When the young wife Megan Hipwell (Haley Bennett) goes missing, Rachel becomes entangled in the case.

  I haven’t seen many films with Emily Blunt in them. Sunshine Cleaning is the only one that instantly pops into my head and happens to be one of my favorite movies. Blunt definitely carries this film. Her portrayal of a heartbroken, barren woman that has lost everything dear to her is pity-inducing. While I did not agree with the things he character seemingly did throughout the film, I became empathetic towards her.

  The Girl on the Train - Berk ReviewsI have heard many comparisons to 2014’s Gone Girl. Both are definitely edge-of-your-seat-what’s-going-to-happen next films with a pretty crazy twist. That is about all the similarities I can share without giving away any of either story.

  I definitely think Girl on the Train is more palatable to my tastes. While I did enjoy seeing Gone Girl on the big screen, I have never had an inkling to see it again. Mostly because I knew what the ending was going to be just from the first movie trailer I saw for it. I did not see the curveball in Girl on a Train coming, however.

  If you enjoy this genre, Girl on the Train will probably be worth the time you invest in it. The storyline and character portrayals are interesting. I would say you can probably save this one for home viewing.

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