Moview Review: Snow Angels (2007)

I am a store manager and just made it through back to school season (barely.) That means way too many long shifts and late nights which impeded on my movie watching time. Boo! I was pleasantly surprised that sent me the drama Snow Angels (2007) out of rotation due to it’s long wait time. The film was directed by David Gordon Green. I give this film the rating: A Decent Watch.

Snow Angels - Berk ReviewsSnow Angels is a Decent Watch

Kate Beckinsale stars as Annie Marchand and and Sam Rockwell plays her estranged husband, Glenn. They have a small daughter named Tara. Michael Angarano is Annie’s co-worker Arthur Parkinson, who she babysat when he was much younger. Amy Sedaris and Olivia Thirlby (from Juno!) are also part of the cast. The movie shows how all of their lives are intermingled.

Snow Angels - Berk ReviewsBeckinsale and Rockwell do a great job portraying the tension in their rocky, separated marriage. Glenn is recovering from alcoholism and seems to have recently discovered religion and a job. Annie seems a little unstable as she is sleeping with her good friend/co-worker’s husband. What really stuck out to me is that she asks him how her friend is doing while they are still in their motel room.

  The pace of the movie seemed a little slow at times but didn’t detract from the watching experience much. I love how the director began the movie and then brought it full circle with the ending.

Snow Angels - Berk ReviewsI hate that I figure out so much of a movie (or it’s ending) so often. That was not the case with Snow Angels. I will not spoil it but the end to this movie was completely unexpected to me. I was in shock as the credits started rolling and I had to process it for a few minutes.

  While I don’t know if or how often I will revisit Snow Angels the strong performances and decent storyline make it worth adding this film to your list!

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