Top Five Movies… Ep. 007 – Scary Moments

Scary Moments is the topic of episode 007 of Top Five Movies. Jonathan Berk (@berkreviews),  Michael Sanchez (@servermonkey), and Corey Starr (@coreyrstarr) discuss Lights Out, recent films they’ve seen, and , of course, their top five scary movie moments. Michael returns after his absence from last weeks episode.

Top Five Movie Scary Moments

Jon’s List:

5. Sinister
4. Bone tomahawk
3. Independence
2. The Fly
1. jurassic park

Mike’s list:

5. Marathon Man
4. Return of the Living Dead
3. Se7en
2. Wait Until Dark
1. Alien

Corey’s list:

5. Silent Hill
4. The Caller (2011)
3. 28 Weeks Later
2. The Conjuring
1. Babadook

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