Top Five Movies Ep. 001: Pixar movies

Jonathan Berk (@berkreviews),  Michael Sanchez (@servermonkey), and Shawn Price (@disversalradio) discuss their top five Pixar movies.

Top Five Movies…

Episode 001 requires an explanation of the premise. Top Five Movies is a podcast that discusses a variety of top five lists. Each episode will feature three people. Then the guests make their own lists secret to the other two. For example, the topics could be “Top five movies that made me cry,” or “Top five movies from Pixar.” Jonathan Berk is the host and is joined by two guests, usually Berk Review writers Corey Starr and Michael Sanchez,  who discuss their lists.

Episode 1: Top Five Movies from Pixar

Joining Jonathan is Shawn Price from the Wonderful World of Dis podcast and host of Dis Radio 24/7 and Michael Sanchez. The three discuss their top five pixar movies and discuss why they agree and disagree. However, their is some similarities in their lists due to the limited number of options.


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