Movie Review: The Darkness (2016)

The Darkness - Berk ReviewsAgainst my better judgement I decided to see The Darkness. I hit up IMDB to get a glance at what kind of ratings it was receiving and it didn’t look very promising. I give this movie the rating: Avoid Like the Plague .

The Darkness shouldn’t see the light of day.

The movie starts with two families meeting up for a joint vacation at the Grand Canyon. Ancient Anasazi runes are taken and evil spirits follow one of the vacationing families home.

There are far too many tired tropes in this movie. What is worse is the director doesn’t even let the audience figure anything out for themselves. Everything is blatantly spelled out for the viewer and we have seen it all before.

 I caught myself fidgeting in my seat quite a few times. The movie runtime is right around an hour and thirty minutes but it feels far longer.

The Darkness - Berk Reviews Kevin Bacon plays Peter Taylor, the cheating husband. While I was watching the movie I was trying to remember the last good movie I had seen Bacon in and I was struggling.

Radha Mitchell plays Bronny, the always suspicious (not that I necessarily blame her for this!), alcoholic stay-at-home wife and mother. Lucy Fry plays Stephanie, the bulimic teenage daughter. David Mazouz plays Michael, the fearless autistic son.

The Darkness - Berk ReviewsPaul Reiser is also in the movie and his character is deplorable. He plays Peter’s boss. He is brash and inconsiderate. He frequently talks over people and even tries to set Peter up with a new, young employee. It was odd when he did a complete 180° and tries to help the family.

 I understand that all people are multi-dimensional and all families have their problems but it was too much in one film. It felt all over the place and very unfocused.

Given the dull, been-done-before plot and the characters I simply could not identify with it is safe to say this is a movie worth skipping. Your time is best spent elsewhere.

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