Book Rating System

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Wanted to make sure the ratings for our book reviews was clear. Here is a break down of each section.

  • Must Read! Must Read!; or how you should Make Room! Make Room! for this story!–This story completely captures my imagination and attention. I enthusiastically recommend this story to others. This story is one of my favorite because of the character development, the story is memorable or important to the larger social context, and/or the story contains some revolutionary element(s) that captures the imagination of the reader. This is a story you should definitely find time to read. I’ll even loan you may copy!
  • Put It In The Queue; or how blue dolphins appeared in 1984 I recommend this story to most people. I have/will probably read this story again because of the compelling qualities the story contains. There may be some writing or plot mechanics that need improving but overall the story is a solid investment of your time. While the story has many great qualities and potentially employed normal literary tropes, it was not uniquely revolutionary or significant as other stories. I strongly recommend you read this story but if you are engrossed in a current story, finish the current story before picking up this one. I’ll still loan you my copy.
  • Ok, A Decent Effort; or how this book is a Catch-22In all, the story of this book leads in the right direction. There are positive elements that are well constructed and delivered. However, there are many negative elements that limit the story’s ability to convey the underlying message. I would recommend this story if you are engaged with the genre. Because novels require a significant amount of investment (time), I would suggest embarking on the story’s journey only if you think the story, as described above, appeals to you. I probably don’t have a copy of this book.
  • “The Road Not Taken”; or how the yellow brick road will not lead to The Wizard of Oz– I would only recommend the works from the title of this rating category, not the story this rating applies to because of major limitations in the story. I am bordering on regret, for having invested so much time in reading the story, and getting my red pen to send a corrected copy back to the author. I don’t recommend this story because it does not meet the elements of good storytelling required in the developing a compelling story. Limitations may include, but not limited to, two (or one) dimensional characters, major plot holes, and/or problematic language construction. I have never owned this book, so please, don’t ask for it.
  • Avoid This Story; or how Farenheit 451 became a reality— Burn this book. If you borrowed a copy of this book, burn it. Kidding. But seriously, I would not recommend this book for a number of reasons. Most of which, I will probably articulate in the review itself. I regret having to invest so much time in trying to understand the simplicity and problems with the story. I have probably stopped reading at some point and moved on to a story that is better written. I will never own this book and suggest that it should be taken off the shelves of every bookstore in the country.
  • May Need A Second Read; or how to find out what’s really in the Bagombo Snuff Box–I can’t really decide how the place this story. I like many aspects but there are certain elements of the story that invoke a complicated response. I want to like the story but, again, there are parts of the story that seem to be glaring missteps or limitations in the overall storyline. I will reread and review again.