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Top Five Movies features Jonathan Berk, Corey Starr, and Michael Sanchez. Each episode features a different topic, such as Movie Songs. The three each make their own list and keep them secret from one another. The podcast is the trio revealing their lists from five to one. Of course, conversations get brought up all the time as the films discussed may push the conversation to various topics.

Berk Reviews Movie Club

The movie club starts in 2017. Jonathan and Corey will be the main hosts, however, we expect guests from time to time. Every episode will be a discussion and review of one movie that either Jonathan or Corey (or both) has not seen. In episodes with guests, the guest will make the suggestion for the two to watch. The movies will be posted in advance to listeners can also watch the movie and submit their comments or questions for Jonathan and Corey to discuss. It’s kind of like a book club, but way cooler.

The Rough Cut

This is the Rough Cut! A show/podcast where we talk about movies, movie news, tv shows (sometimes) and anything else movie related on a weekly basis! We do anything from a movie review on big blockbusters to our list episodes where we take a topic and give you the best and worst, funny and not so funny, and anything else we can come up with! Join host Odie Matthews and Co-Host Professor Pugsly on the Rough Cut!


Spencer Parlier hosts the WildcardPod. WildcardPod is a podcast that truly has a mind of its own, from episode to episode. Topics could range from sports to film to politics to what Bob-Joe shot on the back-9 at Oakwood Golf Club on Father’s Day in 2013. Basically, you never know what you’re gonna get! Subscribe on your favorite podcast service or on SoundCloud.

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