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Berk Reviews was founded by Jonathan Berk, but several people work to make the site what it is. Read the bios, find them on social media, or just take send them an email from this page.

Jonathan Berk

Twitter: @berkreviews
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Founder of, I have been a movie lover for a long time. The first movie I remember being really obsessed with was Wayne’s World. I know that’s not exactly on the list of many critics as a top notch film, but I enjoyed it as a kid.

Berk PhotoI remember seeing Ghostbusters in the theater when I was merely 2 years old. I’ve been a Bill Murray fan ever since. I walked around the rest of the day responding to “Who you gonna’ call” with an emphatic “GHOSTBUSTERS!”

Film has been my thing for a long time. Writing on the other hand just happened to be my natural talent. It could have been something more profitable, but this is what I got. I have a way with words which was developed in high school, furthered in college, and then aged nicely as I taught English for a few years.

I hope all of the above continues to prove true. I hope this site shows my writing skills, my knowledge of film, and my over all joy for the art of movie making. If you like what you see please subscribe, please share, and donate to the Go Fund Me Page.

I’m not just a guy who loves movies and decided to start a blog. I actually went to college to be a journalist. I earned my degree in Mass Communication from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL in 2004. After graduating, I decided that the world of journalism wasn’t the romanticized version that I had built in my own head. I wanted to be the unbiased reporter who told the truth no matter how gritty it was. I worked freelance for a year or two while teaching English, but the time it was taking just wasn’t worth the small pay.

I’ve been a teacher since 2006 and have taught English, TV Production, Web Design, Yearbook, and now film. My students are my favorite part of the job and getting to show them movies and teach them the methods and ideas behind them is an amazing experience for all involved.

Michael Sanchez

Twitter: @servermonkey
Instagram: @servermonkey

To say film has been in one’s blood would be as small of a statement as saying that Kanye West has very good self-esteem—or moderately balanced opinions. Since seeing the original runs of Star Wars and Grease thanks to maternal guidance then tip-toeing those small steps as a four and five year old child. Through this walk, there’s been a heavy inclination towards science fiction, all the while dipping toes into a variety of genres.

Michael Sanchez - Berk ReviewsThroughout middle and high school, the advent of mom and pop video rental stores (as well as the huge early presence of Blockbuster in Miami) kept the film addiction going strong. A fairly lenient parental policy regarding film viewing allowed for (much too early) viewings of such seminal classics such as Scarface and Private School at the tender age of ten. Many things were learned along the way, paving a path for other works, such as, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, Big Trouble in Little China and oh so many others that would go on further form the sci-fi mindset that continues to stick to this day. The sheer luck of having a parent work at a nearby Miccosukee reservation led to a blink and you’ll miss it extra part in Michael Mann produced and Paul Michael Glaser (YES, from the original Starsky & Hutch television series) directed Band of the Hand.

Dashed George Constanza architecture dreams, followed by equally dashed programming hopes and dreams led to a bachelor in communication arts (and almost double major in literature). This education background led to forays in video store jockeying, education (at a variety of levels, elementary, middle, high school, and collegiate), the medical field, and IT support. Through it all, film has remained in the picture (so to speak).

This is an exciting venture with which to share a love of film, and perhaps some hidden gems along the way. Join us, won’t you?

Corey Starr

Twitter: @coreyrstarr

Hello! My name is Corey. I currently reside in the northwest with my husband Bill. We have two rad cats, Max and Mabel, and a cutie face Savannah Monitor, Ash. Yeah, he’s named after Ash from the Evil Dead movies.

Corey Starr - Berk ReviewsI have been surrounded by movies and movie lovers as long as I have been alive.

After seeing how much I enjoyed Fraggle Rock my dad introduced me to The Dark Crystal. This became my first favorite movie. I am pretty sure this movie is the reason my dad taught me how to operate the VCR. Henson still holds a special place in my heart. I love how he incorporated so much music into his work.

The first movie I can remember seeing in theaters is Silence of the Lambs. Thank you, Grandma. I don’t remember this part but apparently one of the theater employees thought it’d be a good time to speak her mind and let my grandma know that six is far too young to be seeing this type of movie. To this day anytime I hear “American Girl” by Tom Petty I am instantly transported back to that scene of the movie.

My grandmother took me on many movie going adventures. I remember being so angry watching The Horse Whisperer. Fist to the heavens I declared the characters got what they deserved!! How dare they! The black and white moral code of a twelve or thirteen year old. To this day, I can not stand Nicholas Spark movies.

My favorite movies are the ones that sit with me for days after watching and make me think outside of my normal day-to-day box. Re-watchability adds bonus points!

Horror is my most loved genre. Sadly, I have to wade through a lot of awful movies to find the few gems.

I have been “pursuing” an English degree for approximately twenty-seven years. During my recent break from studies (that has lasted longer than I intended) I made a promise to myself that I would make more time for the things I enjoy. That means lots of time spent in theaters or hermiting it up in my apartment watching some DVDs. Yes, I still rent those.

I am hoping my involvement in this project strengthens my writing ability. I hope I encourage someone to see a movie they might not have otherwise. I am really excited to see where this goes!

R. H. Nichols

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a book with me. With a good story, I have been transported to different places in time, to different worlds and have become different people. I’ve been able to live a thousand lives in the stories that I have read. I was the kid that would hide a book, not a comic or magazine, behind his textbook in math class in order to maintain a connection with the worlds beyond.

Nichols - Berk ReviewsCurrently, I am pursuing my passion of reading and stories as a High School English teacher. After finishing my Masters in English, I decided to devote my time to finding new and contemporary literature to suggest to those who share my passion for a new story. My favorite genre is Science Fiction, with a close second being the Classics. I hope to explore new genres, save the Romance Novels, as I continue this reviewing process.

In my reviews, I will be assessing the mechanics of the story and how the author portrays the characters in the fictional world established. I believe that all ideas were previously established elsewhere, and the story needs to possess an element of originality in how those established literary elements are conveyed. Some of the elements I am looking for may include, but not limited to, the construction of language, the plot details and how the story unfolds, the establishment of the setting, and the author’s message at the end of the story. My goal in writing reviews is to spotlight the stories that may not have made it to the Bestseller list or have been overlooked.

Richard Gomez

I have always felt that I grew up in the golden era of pop culture. In my formative years businesses like movie rental and used CD/DVD shops were overly abundant, cable TV stations like MTV and Comedy Central were solely dedicated to music and to movies and stand-up comedy, respectively and on top of all that the birth of the internet opened up a world of discovery for pop culture junkies like myself. I remember spending hours of my youth researching all the films that influenced Quentin Tarantino, Richard Linklater and Kevin Smith learning all I could about all genres of film. All this time slowly developing a deep catalogue of favorite directors, actors, franchises, score composers, soundtracks and so on.

Richard Gomez - Berk ReviewsAs my high school years flowed into college years and beyond I kept up with my love of film as much as possible. I dabbled in filmmaking with friends never really extending it beyond a hobby but continued to learn about and appreciate the filmmaking process. My passion includes all types of pop culture, including music, comic books, video games, etc. which led me to pursue degrees in Communication and Theatre as well as Media Studies.

These day I find myself less connected to cinema, personally I feel there is a lull in original ideas on the big screen. Not to say that there haven’t been great films in the past few years and while I enjoy seeing comic book characters on screen, I find myself interested more in music and television lately.  So instead of traditional film reviews, I prefer to compile lists and oddly specific categorizations of films that I have enjoyed over the years. So look forward to articles such as: Best Scene Around a Table, Best Movies about Music and When Great Actors Go Over the Top.

Spencer Parlier

Spencer ParlierHey all! My name is Spencer Parlier and I am the host of Wildcardpod. A podcast that ranges from topic to topic depending on the guest. Growing up I have seen myself fall in and out of love of different films, TV shows, sports teams, political candidates, and those topics as a whole as well. This podcast is trying to accomplish something that I have wanted to do for some time now – even if I haven’t always known it. I love meeting and getting to know people, as well as learning new things about the topics that may or may not be at hand. I think randomness and spontaneity is something that should be cherished throughout humanity today, as I feel like it is taken for granted due to the dominance of that such thing via social media. I really want Wildcardpod to celebrate spontaneity in this world but in an organized and condensed fashion. Hope you enjoy!

David Ortega

The earlier reviews are full of small typos and problems. David came on as an editor to help with all of those issues. More information will be coming about him in the future, but we wanted to give him credit and thanks!

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