Berk Reviews Movie Club episode 046 – Hudson Hawk (1991)

Episode 046 features Jonathan’s pick for winning the Summer Movie Draft on Top Five Movies, Hudson Hawk (1991). The film is directed by Michael Lehmann and stars Bruce Willis, Danny Aiello, and Andie MacDowell. Corey and Michael had never seen it before, and it was a favorite of Jonathan’s as a kid despite its 17 Metacritic score. How did they like it? Listen to find out.

Home video release 11/21/2017

Theatrical Releases 11/22/2017


Episode 047 – Coffee and Cigarettes

Corey picked Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes (2003). It is a series of vignettes that has Bill Murray, Tom Waits, RZA, Steven Wright, and more. Jonathan is excited about exploring this one as well. Send your thoughts of the movie or our podcast to