A new release to a few theaters and VOD is Cold Moon (2016) directed by Griff Furst. The film is a horror movie wrapped in a drama that’s wrapped in a crime film. While that isn’t in itself a bad thing, the movie doesn’t really develop anyone of the genres in a way that’s satisfying. A lot of the good this movie does bring is in some of the performances, but there are also some performances that are not so great.

Cold Moon didn’t work for me

Margaret Larkin (Sara Catherin Bellamy) is attacked on a bridge near her home by a masked man and eventually tied to her bicycle and forced in the river. When her body is discovered Jerry Larkin (Chester Rushing) and their grandmother, Evelyn (Candy Clark), point their finger at Nathan Redfield (Josh Stewart), a banker who wants their land, as the culprit to Sheriff Ted Hale (Frank Whaley).

The plot gets more tricky from here and the mystery is revealed to the audience early on. Christopher Lloyd is dragged into the film to play James Redfield father of Nathan and Ben (Robbie Kay). A few more murders occur and the ghosts begin to haunt the killer. Some of these sequences are slightly haunting, but others, like Margaret’s ghost riding an invisible bicycle, are laughable. The film relies a lot on jump scares and never really established a solid horror tone.

Clark’s performance was one that was one that stood out as weak. Her attempt to show loss and anger always felt too large and erratic. Rushing, however, was quite charming and won me over quickly. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get a lot of screen time. Both Stewart and Hale played their roles rather well, but were tied to some weak scripting moments.

Final thoughts…

Unfortunately, Cold Moon is a forgettable horror film that suffers from an overly complicated plot and weak screenplay. Even the cameo from Tommy Wiseau, if you can even call it that, doesn’t save the film. While there is some promise here, it’s ultimately not enough to get a strong recommendation. Cold Moon earns the Not a Total Waste of Time rating.