Top Five Movies mini-episode: Not to watch during a Hurricane

Michael and I were both impacted by Hurricane Irma to some degree. Since the storm hit on Sunday, when the group usually records TFM, we had to postpone this weeks episode. However, I decided to do a mini-episode and tell everyone we were okay as well as do my Top Five Movies not to watch during, or before, a hurricane! Corey is also not in the best place as Idaho has smoke issues due to the wild fires and a super-volcano apparently.

Jonathan’s List:

5. Wizard of Oz (1939) [order from Amazon]
4. Take shelter (2011) [order from Amazon]
3. The Day after Tomorrow (2004) [order from Amazon]
2. Twister  (1996) [order from Amazon]
1. The Perfect Storm (2000) [order from Amazon]