Director Steven Soderbergh heads back into  the world of heist films with Logan Lucky.  Structurally, Logan Lucky is familiar to Ocean’s 11, but rather than the glitzy streets of Vegas the movie is set in the dusty streets of West Virginia and North Carolina. There are a lot of big names in the film, but many have very small parts and some feel like they should have been cut out completely.

Logan Lucky is could have been Ocean’s going Country

Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) decides to attempt a heist on the Charlotte Motor Speedway. He recruits his brother Clyde (Adam Driver), sister Mellie (Riley Keough), and Joe Bang (Daniel Craig). Of course, planning a heist isn’t easy and rarely do things workout the way you’d want them to.

The hardest thing to get past in this movie are the country accents. None of the actors usually speak with one so it is noticeable right away. Channing Tatum is great as usual in this quirky comedic role. He gets to be an endearing father and a strong proponent for family. Daniel Craig is funny and has some of the better moments in the film including pointing out that people talk crap about the Logans. Riley Keough really stood out as well and held her own with the bigger names around her.

The downside of this film is there are a lot of cameos. Hilary Swank, Katie Holmes,  and Katherine Waterston don’t detract from the story with their smaller roles, but others do. Though some of their roles in the story do seem extraneous to the bigger picture or unclear what impact they actually had. Seth MacFarlane and Sebastian Stan’s roles in the film do nothing but add more time. Take out their characters and the movie would be slimmer and would lose nothing in terms of quality.

Fortunately, the films story is fairly engaging and a fun take on the heist genre. Robbing a Nascar event seemed like an odd premise, but the heist plan in the film works. Of course, this is where the similarity to Ocean’s 11 will come into play. The way the details of the heist are revealed to the audience are definitely reminiscent of Ocean’s. While they aren’t exact, some of the surprises the film may have had were less impactful as they were predictable to a degree.

Final Thoughts…

Logan Lucky does have enough heart, enough comedy, and enough crime drama to make it a solid film. The comedy didn’t land as much as expected though due to the reliance on the accents. It is definitely enjoyable and earns the Decent Watch rating.