Benny Safdie and Josh Safdie created a compelling crime drama that embodies Murphy’s Law.  Good Time is tense and captivating from the very beginning. The story is straightforward, but the brotherly devotion is powerful and touching even when misguided.

Good Time lives up to it’s name

Connie Nikas (Robert Pattinson) and his brother Nick (Benny Safdie) have robbed a bank. Things don’t go exactly as planned and they find themselves on the run. Nick’s disability only makes him easier for the police to catch, but Connie will stop at nothing to protect his brother.

Good Time (2017) - Berk ReviewsIt’s no secret that Pattinson got a bad rap after the Twilight films. The stigma may haunt him for a little while longer, but this film really lets him shine. He is charming, cunning, and arrogant and it works perfectly in the world that the Safdie brothers have created. His love for his brother is clear despite the questionable actions he takes. Of course, those actions are similar to watching a car wreck lead to a train wreck lead to a plane crash.

The film builds tension pretty much from the get go. It opens with Nick at a counseling session. He is clearly in distress and doesn’t like a lot of the questions that are being asked. Connie shows up and makes a scene. The next thing we see is them robbing a bank in a very quiet heist. From there the movie only escalates as things spiral out of control. It’s exciting and seeing Pattinson navigate everything is impressive.

Good Time (2017) - Berk ReviewsThe film is shot predominantly in close-up. The travel scenes are mainly from overhead and look a little bit like miniatures, which would be cool if that is the case. Some of the timing of the film is hard to follow, but it’s minimal to the overall point of the movie.

Final thoughts…

Good Time is an entertaining film with a wonderful performance from Robert Pattinson. It’s possible that the brothers directing wanted to tell a story about brotherly love. If so, they achieved that goal. Good Time earns the Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy rating.