The documentary Double Digits: The Story of a Neighborhood Movie Star follows a do it yourself filmmaker and tells his story. Director Justin Johnson does a solid job highlighting the films of Richard Miller. He makes almost all of his movies by himself with figures and sets he makes.

The name Double Digits refers to his YouTube views to judge a successful film

Richard “R.G.” Miller began calling his production R.G. Internet Art Films. The documentary focuses on some of his past work as well as the making of The Mask Man. There are the normal talking heads expected in a documentary. Those aspects are fine, but the reason this movie works so well is it feels like a real life Be Kind Rewind.

Miller represents a true form of film expression. He has not had an easy life. Yet, he finds so much joy in making movies. They are films that may be dismissed at first glance as they are the epitome of low budget. However, the heart is there and the passion is visible. Unlike some of the summer blockbusters released every year, R.G. Internet Art Films are made with love. One could even go so far to say blood, sweat, and tears. It shows and watching the documentary will make you respect the man with the movies.

This film feels like it is made to remind filmmakers, critics, and casual fans of why movies were made in the first place. In some ways, Miller reminds me of the film Hugo and Ben Kingsley’s portrayal of one of the fathers of film George Melies. There is a passion for what he does. It’s not about money nor is it about fame. Sure, he wants people to watch his films, but doesn’t every artist hope to share their work with the world. He makes the films for the love of the medium and it’s a refreshing reminder of how we all (filmmakers, critics, casual fans, etc) got into movies in the first place. Odds are the first film you loved as a child isn’t a masterpiece yet it opened your eyes to a world of art you didn’t know was there.

Final thoughts…

Double Digits: The Story of a Neighborhood Movie Star derives its name because of the community around Miller. They support his movies in a very cool way. I won’t say exactly how here so you can see it in the film. It can be rented on any digital platform and watched free if you take the free trial of Comic Con HQ with Amazon Prime account. I give Double Digits: The Story of a Neighborhood Movie Star the Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy rating.