Step is a terrific documentary about a group of girls as a school in Baltimore. The seniors are the first graduating class of The Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women that was started with the commitment to ensuring they all get into college. The film focuses on the girls who are a part of the Step team. The film focuses on Cori, Tayla, and Blessin and is directed by Amanda Lipitz.

STEP is an inspiring documentary that is crafted expertly

Step (2017) - Berk ReviewsPaula Dofat is the school’s college and career counselor of BLSYW. Her role in the film is great seeing her fighting for these girls. Cori is the one who has had the most success academically and has big hopes of what school she will be going to. There was a moment when she gets some news that the whole audience reacted as if Cori was their own daughter. It’s a testament to the connection the filmmakers create with the kids that are the focus of the film.

Tayla has an interesting mother who is actively involved in the Step Team. Blessin is the founder of the Step Team and has the hardest uphill battle. The film follows them throughout their senior year and the competitions they are in for the Step Team with their new coach Gari. Through the course of the film, the girls have ups and downs and makes it very engaging.

Step (2017) - Berk ReviewsDirector Amanda Lipitz has some great opportunities to use music. The film has some great editing to the music as well as some amazing Step performances. While the film is about deeper social issues and the three girl’s mentioned before, the Step elements are extremely entertaining.

Final thoughts

The film will be getting a wider release in August, but played on the last day of the Florida Film Festival. It’s one where the audience generally applauded at the end and were actively discussing it as they walked out. Step is a documentary that everyone should check out and gets the Must See rating.