A bunch of senior citizens deciding to rob a bank wouldn’t usually sound like a film worth traveling to the nearest theater to check out. Yet, casting some of the best old guys in the business and putting in a solid indie director definitely added some credibility to the film. As it happens, Going in Style is an entertaining and endearing film directed by Zach Braff and starring Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin.

Going in Style is another Zach Braff film that works

Going in Style - Berk ReviewsJoe (Caine) witnesses a bank robbery first hand while trying to find out why his mortgage has gotten out of control. He reaches out to his friends Willie (Freeman) and Albert (Arkin) to begin planning on robbing a bank after mounting financial problems make them desperate for a solution. It’s a premise that is executed very well and features some great heist genre moments.

Braff does a great job of telling this story visually. It combines humor and crime, but, most impressively, develops interesting characters that earn the audience’s empathy. Their plight is relatable and their reason for jumping to such an extreme feels believable. The heist planning is actually a pretty great montage that starts slow and then builds to the actual event. The film manages to excel at everything it brings to the table.  

Going in Style - Berk ReviewsThe cast is pretty fantastic in the film as well. Each of the characters has some element to them that makes all unbelievably endearing.  Aside from the three bigs the film features Matt Dillon, Joey King, Ann-Margret, Christopher Lloyd, Peter Serafinowicz, John Ortiz, Kenan Thompson, and Josh Pais. King has worked with Braff before and she always bring something to the films she is in. Lloyd plays a senile old guy who definitely gets a few laughs in the films short run-time.

Final thoughts

All of the plot points and the characters work and make the film an enjoyable 90+ minute journey. It would have been easy to just for silly laughs and make the whole film ridiculous. Instead, it’s a compelling crime film with comedic elements with human characters that are easy to root for. Going in Style earns the Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy rating.