I went to “Collide” knowing that it wouldn’t be good, but I was still hoping it would be some mindless action fun. Well, mindless is what I got, but fun, it was not.

Viewers should avoid Collide like a car crash!

The story of the film is extremely formulaic. It is just a generic action film. The character development is weak and the dialogue is ridiculously watered down. The film’s attempts at being profound instead end up feeling forced. The few bright spots in the film come when Anthony Hopkin’s character is on screen, with his performance a very scaled-down, albeit still enjoyable form of his sinister abilities shown in his role as Hannibal Lecter, equating to an enjoyable five to ten minutes in an hour and a half long film. Ben Kingsley overacts, and the rest of the cast may as well have phoned their parts in.

The cinematography of the film is weak, with the camera being far too shaky. The action sequences are generically choreographed, leading the film to be quite unexciting overall. The soundtrack choices were also really weird, often conflicting with the tone of the scene, but in a way that is not adding to the meaning of the film.

As I frequently say, I wasn’t really disappointed by “Collide” because I wasn’t expecting much. That being said, this film has been delayed many times because the bankruptcy of its former distributor, and it probably should have been lost in that shuffle. This film should be Avoided Like the Plague.

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