This year has made me a big fan of Denzel Washington. His new film Fences has him playing the lead character and the director, a role he’s familiar with. I don’t think this movie will appeal to many, but I found it to be an interesting story but packed full of amazing performances. It lives up to it’s adapted material and feels very much like watching a play. I give Fences the Decent Watch rating.

Fences - Berk ReviewsFences is amazing display of actors

Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) tries to raise his son and be a good husband is the 1950’s. He’s struggles to come to grips with the things going on in his life and seems slightly stuck in the past.

Fences - Berk ReviewsEvery single person in this movie gives an amazing performance. From the young Saniyya Sidney to Washington. The whole movie is dialogue heavy, but the performances are so strong it’s easy to fall into the conversations. Viola Davis, Stephen Henderson, Jovan Adepo, Russell Hornsby, and Mykelti Williamson all give stellar performances. Davis has an emotional scene where she is crying, and it’s pretty disgusting yet powerful. Adepo plays the son, Cory, of Troy and Rose and does a solid job.

Fences - Berk ReviewsTroy makes me extremely uncomfortable at times. The film has elements of domestic issues that definitely hit closer to home than I usually like to enjoy. To clarify, I related to Cory quite a bit making Denzel’s performance extremely impacting on me. Yet, I didn’t hate Troy at all. In fact, I would say I pitied him. He was so focused on the wrong parts of his family that he found himself unhappy with them. It’s a sad story in some ways, but there is hope found in Rose and Raynell (Sidney).

It’s a small story, but extremely powerful. The film worked for me, but it is a bit too long. I didn’t feel bored or anything, but I could see this not appealing to all parties. The film is direct with most of it’s messages, but I didn’t really mind that either. The film definitely features some of the best performances I have seen all year.