I first heard about I was a Teenage Wereskunk while listening to the Battleship Pretension podcast. It is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime for free with the Prime subscription. The film is inspired by the 1950’s drive-in monster movies. They pay homage for sure, but add some great modern touches to the film including their original songs. I give I was a Teenage Wereskunk the Not Quite Golden, Ponyboy rating.

I was a Teenage Wereskunk - Berk ReviewsThe Teenage Wereskunk is entertaining

Curtis (Scott Monahan) is a high school kid in the 50’s who is feeling some urges. After being sprayed by a skunk while peeping on a women, he starts noticing his body going through changes. Now, whenever Curtis gets aroused he turns into the horrible Wereskunk.

I was a Teenage Wereskunk - Berk ReviewsI don’t believe I’ve seen too many of the films that inspired this one. However, I found this film to be extremely funny. I really loved Officer Maggie (Amy Heidt) and her running gag. I won’t spoil it, but pretty much every time she was on screen she cracked me up. There are lots of little moments in the film that are hysterical. Most of the film follows 50’s style dialogue and vocabulary, but there are some random curse words that really land.

Writer and director Neal McLaughlin really nailed the script for this movie. It’s about as indie of a film that you can get, but that makes it all the better. The makeup and special-effects are often bad and that adds so much to the film. The Wereskunk has a plastic nose that clearly has a rubber band, a joke they make in a post-credits scene, that add to the nostalgia. The film pokes fun at the films that inspired it while staying true to the medium.

If you like old horror film and some well placed comedy then you should definitely check out I was a Teenage Wereskunk. There are some great performances from relative unknowns like Monahan, Heidt, Shey Lyn Zanotti, Charlie Farrell, and two roles by Melanie Minichino. The whole cast does a solid job and the overacting in the first scene pays off. Dust off your old letterman jacket, grab your steady and a bucket of popcorn, and enjoy the film.